How does the payment and shipping services works? 

All orders are processed and ready to be registered for delivery as soon as payment is confirmed. We do accept payment through Western Union, Money-Gram, Worldremit, Bitcoin, Bank Transfer and credit cards.

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If you choose to make payment by Western Union or Money-Gram, be sure to send us the receipt of the payment with the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN), the sender's name and the amount clearly visible.

If you choose to make payment by bank transfer, be sure to also send us the payment receipt with (SWIFT RECEIPT) for confirmation and your package will be ready for delivery only when the money has been deposited in our account and confirmed by our financial department.

NOTE: The minimum amount for bank transfer is USD ($) 2000. Any order that is less than USD ($) 2000 will have to be paid through Bitcoin, western union or money-gram. Once payment is confirmed, packages will be registered for delivery and tracking details will be sent to customer's email.

If you choose to make payment with your credit card, just click on order with credit card and fill the order form.
Once we receive your order and payment we will register your package for delivery and notify you with the tracking details.


Rock Health Pharmacy  has a 100% Delivery Satisfaction Guarantee With FedEx, DHL, TNT, UPS, Etc.

If for some reason, your order does not show up or is damaged in transit, we will ship you another package or issue you a full refund as per your request. If however, you received a partial order, we will ship the other part to complete your full order or issue you a partial refund as per what you received and there will be no extra charges for the partial shipment (so you are fully refunded, and then charged only for the product (s) you received).

We will ask you to first allow at least 2 business days from the day the order was shipped. If after those 2 days you have not received the package or if you received any notification that your package was on hold or returned to sender, please send us a ticket (Refund Section) and we will take care of your request promptly.

Note: If you have any queries regarding your transaction, please contact us by sending an email (or ticket from the Support Section) or call us at (210) 664-5649.

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